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From our signature smoked sausage to our light-as-air kolaches, Kountry Boys has the products you love — with none of the unhealthy fillers and additives.

World-Famous Smoked Sausage

We make our wholesale smoked sausage with the highest quality meat, herbs, spices and natural casings. Our traditional family recipe has stayed the same for years — and we plan to keep it that way. We never include artificial dyes or fillers such as soy, MSG or gluten.

Try Kountry Boys smoked sausage in the following flavors:



Texas-Style Dried Sausage

You’ll love our dried sausage. Made with the same herbs and spices we use in our famous smoked sausage, it’s the perfect snack to enjoy while watching your favorite show or exploring the great outdoors. As always, you’ll find no artificial dyes or fillers in these babies. Just 100% kountry goodness in all-natural casings.

Our dried sausage is available in a variety of flavors, including:

Kajun-Style Boudin

Our Kountry Boys take on the Louisiana classic features pork and rice seasoned with Kajun-style herbs and spices. Enjoy these flavorful links grilled, barbecued or boiled alongside poutine, baked beans or potato salad.

Smoked Bacon

Ah, bacon. The candy of meats. Our lean pork belly is cured and hickory-smoked to create a traditional, nostalgic flavor profile – with no added MSG, soy, gluten, dyes or artificial flavors. Once you’ve tried our thick-sliced bacon, you’ll never go back.

Spiral-Sliced Smoked Ham

Your holiday guests will relish this smokey, spiral-sliced ham. But frankly, we think ham is always a good idea. Enjoy our hickory-smoked ham in sandwiches, soups and breakfast dishes. The possibilities are endless!

Buffalo Wings

Looking to spice up your next game day spread? Our ready-to-cook chicken wings are smothered in traditional buffalo sauce. Just throw them on the grill to add some smoky flavor and enjoy!

Chicken Nuggets

These tender morsels aren’t just for kids. Grown folks will also love them atop salads, in tacos or tucked between slider buns. And of course, they’re always a favorite with the young’uns. Pick up a pack today!

Chicken Patties

These tender, crispy slices of breaded chicken can be lifesavers on busy weeknights. Use them in sandwiches, salads or as a handy shortcut for chicken parmesan. Dinner? Done.

Wholesale baked goods, from Our kitchen to yours

Sausage kalache

Texas-Style Sausage Kolaches

A staple of Texas cuisine since Czech immigrants introduced them to the state in the 1800s, kolaches merge old-world tradition with new-world convenience. Kountry Boys kolaches feature our signature smoked sausage tucked inside pillowy-soft buns. Pick up a batch from one of our retail partners today!

Buns With 
Homemade Flavor

Looking for the perfect canvas for your Kountry Boys ham sandwich? Try our hoagies! Want to make a crazy good BLT with your Kountry Boys smoked bacon? Slather some mayo on our fluffy hamburger buns (they’re not just for burgers!) Whatever you’re cookin’, we’ve got the bread you need to complete your dishes.

Homestyle Pies

No meal is complete without a sweet ending. We serve up delicious buttermilk, coconut and pecan pies that’ll make you feel like you’re at grandma’s house. They’re perfect for holiday gatherings, weeknight dinners and midnight snacks.

BBQ chicken, ribs, fajita and steak seasonings


Take your cookouts to the next level with our range of original seasonings. Whether you’re looking to spice up your fajitas, smoke the perfect BBQ ribs or shower your steaks in flavor, we’ve got an herb-and-spice blend for you.

Our lean, high-quality meats and proprietary herb-and-spice blend are stuffed into natural casings, then hickory-smoked to perfection. We never use fillers, dyed casings or additives – just pure kountry goodness in every link.

Where to buy kountry boys

We’re proud to partner with the following grocers:

“Amazing products! We love Kountry Boys!”

– Laura R.

“Kountry Boys sausage is fantastic. I have a bakery and I only use your product in my kolaches…and people love them!”

– David G.

“I eat y’all’s Pork & Venison Smoked Sausage with EVERYTHING!!! I put it in my scrambled eggs, gumbo, chili, shrimp, sausage, and corn plates, I’ll eat it by itself – whatever I think it’ll make better, it goes in.”

– Matt R

“Kountry Boys Pico de Gallo Sausage is one of the things I’ve promoted the hardest, in person and on social media. I literally stop people in stores when I see them with crawfish supplies, so much so that it backfired. I told so many people in our small town, I was having trouble finding it for me.”

– Luisaldo R.