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Whether we’re grillin’ in the backyard or cookin’ on the stove, we love finding new ways to use our favorite Kountry Boys ingredients. We hope these recipes will inspire your next culinary adventure.

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  • Tex Mex pizza

    Tex-Mex Pizza With Sausage

    Great for game day or a quick weeknight meal, this tasty pizza comes together in a snap thanks to store-bought pizza dough and sauce. It's one of many ways we love to enjoy Kountry Boys Smoked Pico de Gallo Sausage, a fan-favorite Kountry Boys flavor.
  • grill sausage

    Grilled Sausage

    Ever fire up your grill and pile on a mess of tasty sausages, only to return a few minutes later to split casings? The trick to grillin’ perfectly plump and juicy links is to cook ‘em low and slow. Follow these steps to make the perfect grilled sausage, every time.
  • Smoked pulled pork

    Smoked Pulled Pork

    This barbecue staple is incredibly versatile. It’s great for stews, scrambles, tacos and, of course, sandwiches. All you need is a pellet grill, apple cider, Kountry Boys seasoning and time.
  • Kountry Board

    ‘Round here, we make our charcuterie boards with Kountry flair. This decadent spread includes roasted pecans, pimiento cheese and sliced grilled Kountry Boys sausage.
  • Boudin Balls

    These crispy, shareable bites make great appetizers, and the recipe couldn’t be simpler. Just uncase our Kajun-style boudin, give it a good crust and fry ‘em up!
  • Pigs in a Blanket

    Need to feed a crowd? Pigs in a blanket are a great option for breakfast or appetizers. We like to serve them with mustard and ketchup for dippin’.

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