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Whether we’re grillin’ in the backyard or cookin’ on the stove, we love finding new ways to use our favorite Kountry Boys ingredients. We hope these recipes will inspire your next culinary adventure.

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  • Pinto beans

    Pinto Beans with Sausage

    Sometimes the simplest meals are the best. These pinto beans are seasoned with little more than salt, pepper and fresh thyme. Add some Kountry Boys sausage into the mix, and you’ve got a delicious and satisfying one-pot meal!
  • Tex Mex breakfast tacos

    Tex-Mex Breakfast Tacos

    Breakfast tacos always hit the spot — whether you’re out camping, taking in the sunrise or waiting for the kids to roll out of bed on a lazy Saturday morning. Our take on this tex-mex classic includes Kountry Boys Smoked Pico de Gallo Sausage, potatoes, cheese and loads of spices.
  • Green bean bundles

    Green Bean Bundles

    These appetizers are downright delicious and fun to assemble. Serve our bacon-wrapped green bean bundles at your next gathering and watch 'em fly off the plate!
  • Chicken sausage gumbo

    Chicken & Sausage Gumbo

    There’s nothin’ better than a steaming bowl of spicy gumbo. Pre-cooked rotisserie chicken simplifies the process, producing a delicious toasty roux studded with chicken and sausage.
  • Quiche with Kountry Boys sausage

    Breakfast Casserole

    This delicious casserole combines several breakfast favorites into one: fluffy eggs, crispy hash browns and Kountry Boys' hickory-smoked bacon. Make it ahead of time and reheat it for a delicious weekday breakfast, or serve it alongside fresh fruit and muffins for a special weekend brunch.
  • KB Wings carrots and celery

    Grilled Buffalo Wings

    This recipe for grilled buffalo wings couldn't be simpler, thanks to Kountry Boys' pre-sauced Buffalo Style Hot Wings. Just heat up the grill, cook 'em 'till they're crispy and serve.

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