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Whether we’re grillin’ in the backyard or cookin’ on the stove, we love finding new ways to use our favorite Kountry Boys ingredients. We hope these recipes will inspire your next culinary adventure.

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  • Deviled eggs topped with bacon slices on a yellow plate.

    Deviled Eggs with Bacon

    These classic deviled eggs are topped with crispy slices of Kountry Boys Original Bacon. For even more bacon flavor, add a handful of crumbles to the yolk mixture.
  • Sausage and herb dressing with Kountry Boys sausage.

    Sausage and Herb Dressing

    Simple, herby and packed with flavorful sausage — this dressing is a crowd-pleaser. Optional add-ins like dried cranberries can take it to the next level, so don't be afraid to experiment with fruit, nuts and even mushrooms.
  • Pecan pie topped with cinnamon whipped cream.

    Cinnamon Whipped Cream

    Take your pies to new heights with a fluffy whipped cream topping. We like to spike ours with a little cinnamon and pipe it onto Kountry Boys Pecan Pie.
  • Scary Sausage Rolls with Kountry Boys Sausage

    Scary Sausage Rolls

    A spooky take on pigs in a blanket, these scary sausage rolls are an excellent addition to Halloween party spreads. Best of all, the recipe couldn't be simpler.
  • KB burger


    We love a cheeseburger loaded with fixins and sandwiched between buttery, toasty buns. Give this simple recipe a try at your next backyard barbecue.
  • Steak fajitas

    Steak Fajitas

    You can sear these steak fajitas right on your grill grates, but we love the texture produced by a cast iron skillet. This recipe is perfect for weekend get-togethers and, with a little bit of prep, weeknight meals.

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